Mice In Your Home

Mice are one of the most common reasons people reach out to a pest professional. Finding the company that can offer the best solution for your problem begins with understanding what damage mice can do. Below we will improve your knowledge surrounding mice and how Preferred Pest Management can help you with your rodent control needs.


          There are many different breeds of mice. They range in color from light brown to dark gray. Typically when mice are full-grown, they will measure roughly 2.5-4 inches in length. Most rodent activity occurs at night, although as populations grow, mice become more active during the day. I’m addition, mice can reproduce 8-10 times per year producing roughly 50 young per female.

          Mice are very curious creatures. Unlike rats, mice will explore any changes to their surroundings immediately. When they are fully grown, mice can jump roughly 1 foot high and climb up just about any surface. Mice typically only travel about 30 feet from their burrow, unless they find an abundant food source, at which time they won’t move further than a few feet from it. Finally, mice are vigilant and can live in weather as low as 25 degrees for about one year which can result in as many as 10 reproduction cycles. All of this contributes to more damage that mice can cause to your home.


While in your home, a pair of mice can eat roughly 1-2 pounds of food every 2 months while contaminating up to 15-20 pounds of food in that same time period. That same pair of mice can produce over 8,500 droppings.

          When mice begin to reproduce, they will use anything they can to create a safe burrow or nest; typically this is in an attic space. When attic space isn’t available, mice will use cabinet and dresser drawers to create their burrow instead, typically destroying whatever is stored in them. Beyond this relatively minor damage, there are many house fires that are likely contributed to rodent-related damage as mice will chew into electrical wiring when they get into home appliances. Finally, mice carry diseases such as Salmonella poisoning, Rat Bite Fever, Ringworm, and Dermatitis. These diseases can have severe negative health effects, and in some cases, can even cause fatalities. To conclude, mice are responsible for billions of dollars of damage per year. It is better to be proactive and protect your home and belongings with the preventative rodent service offered by Preferred Pest Management before you get mice, than to try to solve the problem later.

Preventative Rodent Service

Preferred Pest Management has a couple of options for your preventative rodent service convenience.

  1. Preventative Rodent Stations
    • Preferred Pest Management will place and maintain 2-8 rodent stations around your home, based on the size of your perimeter. Our preventative rodent stations are supplied with commercial-grade rodenticides that will eliminate mice, rats, and voles. We recommend these as the first step to keep mice from entering your home. This is the best solution for population control and is widely used in the pest control industry.
  2. Exclusion
    • An exclusion is the act of sealing up the cracks and crevices in your home which occur naturally when your house ages. Exclusion protects your home from more than just mice; it will also keep rats, squirrels, and raccoons outside where they belong. When Preferred Pest Management performs an exclusion, we first look at where mice are entering. Mice can fit through a hole the size of a dime (¼ of an inch) or larger. A few things to look for are attic vents, dryer vents, roof returns, roof vents, HVAC/Water lines entering your home, and garage/exterior door seals. When you hire Preferred Pest Management to perform an exclusion on your home, it will be sealed from top to bottom with a full guarantee.