Where do Mosquitos go During Winter?

Where mosquitos go during winter is one of many questions we get here at Preferred Pest Management. Over 3,000 species of mosquitos have been around for millions of years, with no end in sight. 

Unfortunately, mosquitos are not like birds which migrate South to follow the warmth. While male mosquitos die after mating, giving them roughly a 7–10-day lifespan, female mosquitos are stronger and enter a state of hibernation during the winter months. Mosquitos have “cryoprotectants” , which act as antifreeze, that keep them alive when temperatures are consistently below 45-50 degrees, typically during the months of mid-October – early March. Mosquitos prefer to hibernate in undisturbed areas such as hollow logs, basements or crawlspaces, and storm drains. In addition, mosquito larvae can survive the harshness of the winter months in undisturbed wet areas such as small ponds. Due to the hibernation habits of mosquitos over winter, we typically see the initial explosion of population increase during the early months of spring and summer  between the months of April-June.

Mosquito Solutions During the Spring Population Explosion:

Mosquitos can be annoying as they cause skin irritation and itching. Even worse than being annoying, mosquitos carry many diseases such as a few forms of Encephalitis, the West Nile Virus, Heartworm, Malaria, the Zika virus, Yellow Fever, and Dengue Fever. Preferred Pest Management offers a preventative yard spray to keep mosquitos from reproducing around your home, and we can teach you how to limit reproductive or habitable environments for these pesky flying insects. Protect your family and pets by taking advantage of  this monthly service offered between the months of April-September. For the best value we have to offer, check out our Preferred Protection Plan below!

Preferred Pest Protection

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Termite $700+ first year and $300/year

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Rodent $240+/year

  • Targets rodents from entering your home via bait stations along the perimeter of your home.

Mosquito and Fleas $300+/year

  • Targets Mosquitos, Fleas, and, Tick. reducing the population 70-90% around your home.